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Cats In today’s time cats are becoming top favourite pet animal among small families and specially in girls. They are first choice of every girl to have. Those cute faces, pretty looks and small tows attracts everyone.   Cats very silent yet nought at same time. They require less care and time then other pets. They are very easy to potty train. They love to play with toys. they are very naughty but their pics are uff so cute.   Persian cats are very mellow and quiet. They do get tired very early and specially when they aged. They play only when they want. Their coat is long and soft that require daily brushing. They also require trimmings. Their every...

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Birds to be kept in cages or not to be

Birds to be kept in cages or not to be This is always been a big topic of argument between NGOs and bird pet lovers. NGOs are always against at keeping the birds in cages. Today I really wanted to share a very important information on regarding this captivity breed birds. Birds are very delicate and beautiful creatures of nature. They add a spark of positivity and sound of cheering to our homes. When we hear their chirping in the morning in our home. It fills our homes and hearts with a lot positivity and energy for the day.   Definitely birds are born to be fly freely in the large sky. But not all, yes you heard it right not...

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My first pet

My first pet A pet lover understands the importance of a pet in their life. When we bring pet our home it comes with lots of love, care, laughter and of course a lot of responsibility. Like every thing else a pet also has a cone and pros of it, but less cons more pros. Whatever my life is today is, all because of my first pet. Yes, it’s so unbelievable that how my life changed with my first pet. I not only get my pet home, but I also get my love of life that day. It was a pleasant day I went to the pet shop in the mall where I met both my love my first pet...

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