Birds to be kept in cages or not to be

Birds to be kept in cages or not to be

This is always been a big topic of argument between NGOs and bird pet lovers. NGOs are always against at keeping the birds in cages. Today I really wanted to share a very important information on regarding this captivity breed birds.

Birds are very delicate and beautiful creatures of nature. They add a spark of positivity and sound of cheering to our homes. When we hear their chirping in the morning in our home. It fills our homes and hearts with a lot positivity and energy for the day.  

Definitely birds are born to be fly freely in the large sky. But not all, yes you heard it right not all birds can survive in the open environment. And those are the once who are belongs to foreign. The breeds which are not friendly with your local environments.

All kind of budgies, love birds, finches, lorries, cockatiels, machos, grey parrot, conures and other large parrot and love birds, their breeding are done at very different environment. They get a different kind of food supplements and temperature according to their needs. If we left them free, they are not able to survive in the open sky with wild birds.

They are habitual of the quality seeds they are fed by their breeders. The temperature they get. They also face different kind of health issue in different temperatures. For that, breeder knows how to deal with it and what kind of supplements to give them. Also, some of them are not able to take high flights. Also, some they were get killed by the wild local birds of that area.


By provided them the best environments, high quality food and nutrients they required we can give them best life they deserve. People also trained their birds to stay open in the houses. These birds are special trained to hand feed and stay open in the houses like a family member.


Also, important to notice, Government also banned keeping the local birds and green parrots to be caged in the houses. It is always advice to pet a captivity imported birds and parrots in large aviaries and in big cages.


The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.