My first pet

My first pet

A pet lover understands the importance of a pet in their life. When we bring pet our home it comes with lots of love, care, laughter and of course a lot of responsibility. Like every thing else a pet also has a cone and pros of it, but less cons more pros.

Whatever my life is today is, all because of my first pet. Yes, it’s so unbelievable that how my life changed with my first pet. I not only get my pet home, but I also get my love of life that day.

It was a pleasant day I went to the pet shop in the mall where I met both my love my first pet and future husband. (blushing) I bring a fish tank at home and later we get a cute puppy too. And journey of pet love begins.

That day I learned to take care of small creatures of God, these pets bring a very positive and happy vibe to our home. I still remember the day when hensi (my puppy) falls of behind the back of bed. We looked over all around and then we finally found her, we were very tensed and worried for her.

At a very young age I realised what a love of mother is for their children I really felt like a mom of my dog. After that I started more care and I nurtured her with all my love. At very young age I realised my mother love for her. With age she grows up so fast.

One thing I realised with her is all human’s can leave you alone at some point of your life but your pet will never leave you alone even in your bad moods. Hensi always stands by my side whenever I felt alone or sad, I hugged her when I was happy, I cried on her when I was sad.

We really miss her. Like a every living being it’s a bitter truth that they left us at some point of our life. But memories remain forever in our hearts.

Love hensi