In today’s time cats are becoming top favourite pet animal among small families and specially in girls. They are first choice of every girl to have. Those cute faces, pretty looks and small tows attracts everyone.


Cats very silent yet nought at same time. They require less care and time then other pets. They are very easy to potty train. They love to play with toys. they are very naughty but their pics are uff so cute.  

Persian cats are very mellow and quiet. They do get tired very early and specially when they aged. They play only when they want. Their coat is long and soft that require daily brushing. They also require trimmings. Their every need every day cleaning with a cotton ball or soft cloth.

Catnip is really helpful with Persian cats. Catnip helps them moving. There are variety of catnip toys available to buy for little one. They stay inside so its very important to have few good toys and scratch pads for them

With some love and care cat can be a very good friend of you. They are very loving cute pet. There are variety of cats available out of them few very common are blue eyes, doll face, punch face, odd eyes, golden, white and grey colour cats.