Nature Bath Care for Birds and Parrots
Nature Bath Care for Birds and Parrots
Nature Bath Care for Birds and Parrots

Nature Bath Care for Birds and Parrots

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  • Natural Bath Care Contains blend of following extract:- Aloe Indica Extract Avena Sativa Extract Acacia concinna Extract Great for all species of birds.Use this pre mixed ready-to-use spray. "Natural bath care is a new approach to treating dry skin-related feather picking.The product works immediately (which gives us the impression that their feather problems are irritation oriented rather than behaviorally oriented.)" Aloe Indica Extract:- professionals have found Aloe Vera to be extremely beneficial for feather picking parrots. The antiseptic and analgesic properties greatly aid in stopping feather chewing, feather picking, and self-mutilation behaviors. This is a natural solution that soothes dry, itchy and irritated skin which often induce a bird to pick and over-preen.Use Aloe Vera Spray daily to clean feathers and moisturize and soothe minor skin irritations. In the dry winter months when most parrots experience skin, you may wish to use it more. For broken skin or oozing abrasions.Biologically based antioxidant Vitamin A precursors and Vitamin C and Reduces excessive inflammation when applied to directly to your parrots skin daily or more.Immuno-regulating effect supports the bodies natural recovery efforts Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties to sooth skin, heal rashes and abrasions from scratching. Antifungal properties Amino acids.One popular use of Aloe vera is a topical spray to sooth the irritated skin of birds that engage in feather plucking. Acacia concinna Extract:- It is a highly effective astringent, as well as an excellent analgesic too.It also aids or helps in restoring the amount of moisture of feathers and keeps intact all the naturally occurring minerals that are already present in the feathers to keep them nourished.It is also of great use as it has a low pH value, thus harmless by nature