Garvo seed mix 9111 20 kg for love birds
Garvo seed mix 9111 20 kg for love birds

Garvo seed mix 9111 20 kg for love birds

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Lovebirds are dwarf parrots, which are often called lovebirds, because they have a lifetime close bonding with their partner. The most popular species are peach-faced, fischer’s, blackwinged and masked lovebirds.

Composition: millet yellow, canaryseed, oats peeled, wheat pigeon, millet white, millet red, linseeds,safflowerseed, buckwheat, dari white,hempseed, paddyrice, nigerseed, dari red Analytical constituents/kg crude protein 13,0 %, crude fat 8,4 %, crude fiber 9,6 %, crude ash 3,3 %

Feeding Advice give fresh birdseed daily give unlimited grit and sharp stomach gravel; sprinkle this on the floor of the aviary or put it in a separate bowl make sure there’s cuttlefish for the extra minerals (among which calcium). That is good for the eggs.

Furthermore, the birds can sharpen their beaks on the cuttlefish during the breeding and moulting seasons give extra fats and proteins with egg food supplement now and then with some herbs, foxtail millet, fruits, willow twigs, or vegetables (no avocado) always make sure there ́s enough fresh drinking water